Sea Treasure

  • Beautiful recycled 18K green gold swirl earrings. These earrings have a hammered finish and a rich green gold color, which gives them the look and feel of ancient sea treasure. At the tip of each swirl is a subtle shift to rose gold.

    Earrings are 34mm long and 12mm across at the widest point. Includes rubber ear nuts to keep earrings securely in place. 

    Handmade in Concord, MA.
    • recycled 18K green gold
    • recycled 14K rose gold accent
  • Ready to ship these stunning earrings to you immediately!

    Display mineral in photo not included.

    All gems and minerals in Beryllina jewelry are untreated, responsibly-sourced, and mined in the US. All precious metals are 100% recycled; all raw silver, gold, and platinum is sourced from a certified recycled refinery in Virginia.

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