Gold Herkimer Posts

  • I mined these beautifully clear, twinkling little Herkimer Diamond quartz crystals in New York state! These natural crystals came directly out of the Earth with the beautiful facets and points that you see; the crystals have not been cut, polished, or treated in any way. I hand fabricated minimalist settings to compliment the natural crystal using recycled 14K yellow gold. These post earrings are secured with recycled 14K yellow gold ear nuts.

    The Herkimer Diamond crystals are approximately 6mm across. The recycled Argentium earring posts are 0.8mm by 9mm long. 

    Handmade in my studio in MA. FREE SHIPPING in the USA! You'll receive the exact pair of crystal earrings pictured.
    • Herkimer Diamond quartz (mined in New York by Laurie Lynn)
    • recycled 14K yellow gold
  • Ready to ship this awesome pair of earrings to you immediately! FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

    All gems and minerals in Beryllina jewelry are untreated, responsibly-sourced, and mined in the US. All precious metals are 100% recycled; all raw silver, gold, and platinum is sourced from a certified recycled refinery in Virginia.

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