BeryGREENa: commitment to eco-friendly American practices

Sustainability and supporting other American businesses are top priorities for Laurie Lynn in the making of Beryllina jewelry.
Laurie Lynn's efforts to be green include:

  • using only 100% recycled silver, gold, and platinum: all Beryllina jewelry is made with Harmony Metals™ 100% recycled precious metals purchased directly from a refiner certified by Scientific Certification Systems
  • using only all natural, untreated gemstones and minerals mined in the USA
  • hand-fabricating all jewelry items in Concord, MA
  • self-mining some of the minerals & gemstones used
  • using 100% recycled jewelry boxes made in the USA
  • packaging jewelry with 100% recycled tissue paper and 100% recycled crinkle filler, both made in the USA
  • using recycled boxes and vintage upcycled display pieces for display at shows, instead of using imported plastic display pieces
  • using low-energy CFL and LED lightbulbs to light the jewelry studio and display cases
  • recycling plastic, paper, and glass from the studio
  • collecting all metal scraps and dust from the jewelry fabrication process and sending them into the refiner to be turned into new, recycled, usable raw materials for jewelry making