Custom Jewelry

If you want to give a unique and meaningful gift or would like one-of-a-kind jewelry for your special occasion, please contact laurie lynn for more information about placing a custom order! 
Custom ethical engagement or wedding rings are also available.
Daisy Delight
Daisy Delight bracelet
Massachusetts garnet
recycled sterling silver


Leaf of Love
Leaf of Love necklace
Maine tourmaline
recycled sterling silver

Gold and Silver eco-friendly bracelet by Beryllina

Anniversary Bracelet
Maine quartz
recycled sterling silver and recycled 14K yellow gold


Custom necklace with Maine smokey quartz
Client's stone paired with Maine smoky quartz
recycled Argentium sterling silver and recycled fine silver handwoven chain


Golden Beryl necklace with matching custom Amethyst earrings
Golden Leaf with Matching Custom Amethyst Earrings
Maine golden beryl and Maine amethyst
recycled sterling silver
recycled fine silver handwoven chain

Montana Sapphire Strata bar necklace
Montana Sapphire
recycled sterling silver
Maine tourmaline and heirloom diamond ring
Special Day
Maine tourmaline (elbaite and rubellite varieties)
heirloom diamond from grandmother's wedding band
recycled Argentium sterling silver
recycled 14K yellow gold
custom Hawaiian pearl bracelet
Hawaiian Bracelet
client's Hawaiian pearl
recycled Argentium sterling silver

 Amethyst Addition by Beryllina

Amethyst Addition
Maine amethyst ring crafted
to nest around existing Beryllina Maine pink tourmaline ring
Birthstones to celebrate the couple's two children
recycled Argentium sterling silver


Beryllina Herkimer Diamond recycled 14K yellow gold necklace handmade in Concord, MA

Herkimer Diamond quartz
recycled 14K yellow gold

Beryllina Herkimer Diamond recycled gold post earrings handmade in Concord, MA

Herkimer Diamond quartz crystals
recycled 14K yellow gold

"Duo" Maine tourmaline and 14K recycled yellow gold ring by Beryllina

pink and green Maine tourmaline
recycled 14K yellow gold
anniversary ring inspired by the life-long mating of geese


Custom mountain necklace by Beryllina with recycled sterling silver

recycled Argentium sterling silver
recycled fine silver handwoven chain


Pisces recycled sterling silver and Maine aquamarine
Maine Aquamarine
recycled Argentium sterling silver

 "Shimmer" New Hamsphire aquamarine neckace


New Hampshire Aquamarine
recycled sterling silver


Yogo Montana sapphire and heirloom diamond
recycled sterling silver with 3.5% recycled palladium


Star Hoops
recycled Argentium sterling silver earrings


client's blue topaz
recycled 14K white gold, recycled Argentium sterling silver,
recycled fine silver handwoven chain


Beryl for Beryl
Maine beryl with inclusions
recycled 14K gold and recycled Argentium sterling silver


Maine amethyst set in heirloom platinum engagement ring converted to bracelet


client's 68.5 carat sapphire
recycled sterling silver setting, recycled fine silver handwoven chain


recycled 18K yellow gold bangle bracelets


Maine Topaz
recycled 14K yellow gold, recycled Argentium sterling silver,
recycled fine silver handwoven chain


Morning Dew
Maine tourmaline
recycled sterling silver


Maine Topaz & Montana Yogo Sapphire
recycled sterling silver
commissioned by one sister for another (features both sisters' birthstones)


oxidized and matte recycled sterling silver


recycled sterling silver


Sunburst and Starshine
repurposed heirloom diamonds
recycled sterling silver, recycled 14K yellow gold


checkerboard-cut citrine, recycled sterling silver 


Cosmic Love and Endless Love
upcycled diamonds (from my client's old jewelry),
commissioned as gifts for her two new daughters-in-law
recycled sterling silver 


Enduring Love
14K yellow gold from heirloom wedding band
recycled sterling silver


Royal Blue
turquoise from the "Royal Blue" Tiffany Claim in Nevada
recycled sterling silver, recycled fine silver handwoven chain


 Mother's Treasures
Montana sapphire, Holly Blue agate from Oregon
recycled sterling silver 


upcycled amber
recycled sterling silver


Robin's Egg
turquoise from U.S. Southwest, upcycled pearl
recycled sterling silver


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Contact laurie lynn for more information about placing a custom order!