• This show-stopping bib necklace features a giant Herkimer Diamond quartz  crystal segment that I mined in New York state. It's a whopper, 2" across, with amazing natural  facets that came directly out of the Earth just as it is. The crystal has not been cut, polished, or treated in any way. I paired it with a  unique bar of chalcopyrite that was mined in Arizona and cut in Maine, and gorgeous glowing red garnets mined in Massachusetts. I hand fabricated this necklace using recycled sterling silver.

    The bib section is approximately 4" across. Handmade hook and eye clasp includes adjustable length ending, allowing this necklace to be worn from 18" to 19.5"  long. The back of the pendant is stamped with the Beryllina hummingbird logo and "925" (to denote sterling silver).

    Handmade in my studio in MA. FREE SHIPPING within the USA!
    • Herkimer Diamond quartz (mined in New York by Laurie Lynn)
    • chalcopyrite (mined in Arizona, cut in Maine)
    • garnets (mined in Massachusetts)
    • recycled sterling silver chain
  • Ready to ship this amazing necklace to you immediately. FREE SHIPPING within the USA! 

    All gems and minerals in Beryllina jewelry are untreated, responsibly-sourced, and mined in the US. All precious metals are 100% recycled; all raw silver, gold, and platinum is sourced from a certified recycled refinery in Virginia.

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