Last Chance

  • This necklace features a captivating Sowbelly Amethyst Agate, mined from the Last Chance Silver Mine in Creed Creek, Colorado. The stunningly smooth purples, blues, greens, and browns showcase the magical colors that appear naturally in this unique mineral. The Amethyst Agate is surrounded by a highly polished handmade recycled sterling silver bezel. A 0.42 carat sapphire mined in Montana is set below, and the liquid clarity of the Montana sapphire accents the pleasing grey, lilac, and periwinkle tones in the agate above. A burst of hand-engraved rays spread out from the gemstone, lending texture and depth to the gleam of the piece.

    The pendant also comes with a beautiful handwoven removable 18.75" recycled fine silver chain. I made this chain from scratch, shaping and fusing each individual link using a 5000 year old jewelry-making technique. I then made the recycled sterling silver hook and eye clasp to keep the chain on securely. The chain is strong, yet feels very light and soft to the touch, and also looks lovely when worn alone: two necklaces in one!

    The pendant measures 2.25" from the top of the bail to the bottom of the pendant, and nearly 1" at its widest part. With an opening of up to 10x5mm, the bail is large enough to accommodate most handwoven or machined chain. Includes a handwoven recycled fine silver chain that is 18.75" long including the handmade clasp. The back of the pendant is stamped with the Beryllina hummingbird logo and "925" (to denote sterling silver).

    Handmade in Concord, MA.
    • Sowbelly amethyst agate (mined at the Last Chance Silver Mine in Creed Creek, Colorado)
    • sapphire (mined in Montana)
    • recycled sterling silver
    • recycled fine silver chain
  • Ready to ship this one-of-a-kind necklace to you immediately!

    The display stone in the photos is not included.

    All gems and minerals in Beryllina jewelry are untreated, responsibly-sourced, and mined in the US. All precious metals are 100% recycled; all raw silver, gold, and platinum is sourced from a certified recycled refinery in Virginia.

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