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June 05, 2016

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Mining for "Herkimer Diamonds" in NY, again!

Beryllina mining for Herkimer Diamond quartzThe last few days in Herkimer County felt like a long time coming. Though the winter was mild (for New England), it was a long one for us...


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What Do Tofu and Jewelry Have in Common?

tofu makingWhen I visited where Bridge tofu is made in CT, I was surprised to find see that my favorite tofu had a lot in common with the eco-friendly jewelry I make. Read on to find out more!


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January 12, 2016


A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Ordering a Custom Engagement Ring

Crescent Lake Montana sapphire ring by BeryllinaOne of my favorite parts of being a jeweler is that I have the honor of creating engagement and wedding rings for special, thoughtful people who appreciate handcrafted ethical jewelry. Read on for the 10 Steps for Ordering a Custom Engagement Ring from Beryllina!


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Herkimer Diamond Mining at its Best

Another beautiful, invigorating, peaceful, and successful trip to Herkimer! We had a wonderful trip, with gorgeous weather, and lots of amazing finds! Check out my photos from this past weekend's adventures, and a video of Shakedown finding a crystal!

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Mining for Smoky Quartz in New Hampshire

This past weekend we visited a new mining location, a beautiful spot in the woods in New Hampshire where Smoky Quartz can be found. We didn't know what to expect but had high hopes...

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May Mining for Herkimer Diamonds

Mining for Herkimer DiamondsOur first mining trip of the season was to upstate New York to find Herkimer Diamonds! As you may know (since Herkimers are some of my favorite stones), Herkimer Diamonds are a very special type of quartz that's only found in one area of New York...

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November's birthstone: Topaz

Beryllina eco-friendly Maine TopazIn the United States, topaz can be found in Maine, Montana, Colorado, Utah, and California, but we have minimal topaz compared to one of the world's largest producers, Brazil. In nature topaz occurs in colors of orange, pink-orange, brown, yellow, and very pale blue. The popular bright blue topaz you may have seen...

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