May Mining for Herkimer Diamonds

Our first mining trip of the season was to upstate New York to find Herkimer Diamonds! As you may know (since Herkimers are some of my favorite stones), Herkimer Diamonds are a very special type of quartz that's only found in one area of New York. Enjoy this photoblog of our trip! 

Shakedown seems to have enjoyed his first mining trip!


The Boston Mineral Club claim, where we mine, is demarcated by a rope hung from trees.


Using a sieve and a small shovel, I carefully look through the soil for crystals.


Still looking... 


Still looking...


Here's one! Sometimes we find the crystals in the sieve, and other times just right on the ground.


Here are the tools that we use.


It was a beautiful day at the mine. 


A mink even came for a visit to the claim!


We preserved a beautiful trout lily on the claim, and its little bug friend.


Found a  six-spotted tiger beetle.


Shakedown really loved being out in nature all day!


Back at home, we had to sort through all of our treasures!


Time to pick out the real keepers!


Next I decide which ones would be good to use in jewelry. I place them in small pots so they're ready to use when inspiration strikes!


So far I've made two necklaces and a pair of earrings using our new beautiful finds!

For more pretties, check out all of my Beryllina Herkimer jewelry!

Laurie Lynn Berezin
Laurie Lynn Berezin


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Ginger  Moore
Ginger Moore

June 09, 2015

Loved seeing you mining the Herkimer diamonds. Shakedown looks pretty content. The pics I took of you all on your recent visit to NY came out very well. Lots of luck at your upcoming shows!
Love, Ginger

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