Moving My Studio from Artisan's Asylum and Back Again

As you may have seen, Artisan's Asylum has temporarily closed its doors while we undertake our move to the other side of the river. Our new location in Allston is bound to be FABULOUS and I am really looking forward to our reopening, but I will certainly miss my previous space that Beryllina called home for over five years.
Once I packed up all my tools, only the structure remained. Jared helped me to dismantle it, and hopefully we'll remember how to put it back together when we get to set it up in the new space. :P
I'm grateful to have had a special "she-shed" in the woods where I could set my studio back up, and continue with my jewelry-making while Artisan's Asylum is constructing its new facilities. I absolutely loved the opportunity to create amidst nature! I made some really special pieces in this space, including several custom wedding rings.
 In the midst of the recent Nor'easter, it was time to move again! I was so busy packing that I forgot to take a photo! With the U-Haul filled to the brim, we moved all of my equipment to the new Artisan's Asylum building in Allston. Though the interior of the building isn't finished yet, it was thrilling to see it all coming together. In just a few weeks I should be back up and running, set up temporarily in the Artisan's Asylum "dirty shops" building (where the wood shop, welding shop, etc are), until the building with the "clean shops" (jewelry, casting, laser cutting, etc) reopens. I'm hoping to move into my final location in February if all goes to plan, but I'm grateful to have a space to work in the meantime. I'm also grateful to be continuing to ship out orders of in-stock jewelry from my website while I await the reopening, so don't hesitate to place that order if there's a piece you've had your eye on!

Thanks for reading!

Laurie Lynn Berezin
Laurie Lynn Berezin


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