Artisans Asylum Grand (Re)Opening!!!

At long last, Artisans Asylum has FINALLY reopened! Wow, it was a long road to get us here, but thanks to some extraordinarily dedicated folks, we reopened our doors to the public this past Saturday at 96 Holton Street in Boston (the Allston/Brighton area).
Our new Executive Director Antonio has been great to work with, and I can't wait to see the new heights he brings our organization to!
And drumroll please.... welcome to our new Jewelry Shop! I'm ecstatic to continue as Jewelry Shop Lead and work to expand our community of metalsmiths and jewelers.
I'm so thrilled that the Jewelry Shop was given such a wonderful space in our new building, with these fabulous windows and bright natural light. We also now have great artificial lighting for these early winter evenings in Boston. Very important for seeing those tiny details while you work!
 We have seven fully equipped jeweler's benches and soldering stations, and are open 24/7 to members! This is also where jewelry-making classes are held, including my Jewelry 101 classes and project-based workshops.
As you walk around the building, you'll see rotating art exhibits.
You never know what you'll see!
More beautiful art, this time made from wood.
Interactive art is everywhere, including this musical ping-pong inspired machine.
The Welding Shop had some hands-on demos during the Grand Opening celebration!
A harpist joined us for our celebration, providing the perfect music for the occasion!
And here will be my home! Here's my lovely little studio space before we moved anything in.
First we got my structure set up! Now I'm working on getting fully moved tour coming soon! Stay tuned!
It's such an inspiring and magical place to work.
"Friends! Welcome back!" indeed. It is great to be here. And I hope to see you soon!

Laurie Lynn Berezin
Laurie Lynn Berezin


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