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Artisans Asylum Grand (Re)Opening!!!

At long last, Artisans Asylum has FINALLY reopened! Wow, it was a...

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Moving My Studio from Artisan's Asylum and Back Again

Moving my Studio As you may have seen, Artisan's Asylum has temporarily closed its doors...

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Making Ethical Jewelry with Recycled Precious Metals: How and Why

When I decided to make jewelry making my career, I knew that in order to be happy I would have to create my business in alignment with my personal values. Creating jewelry that is eco-friendly was my top priority. Thankfully a company I was introduced to through...


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Handmaking Chain using a 5000-Year-Old Technique

Hand weaving chain using a 5000-year-old technique is one of my specialties, and it is quite a process. I've created this blog post with many pictures so you can see and read about all the steps involved!


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Every Little Bit Helps...Happy Earth Day!

As you may know, I use ALL 100% certified recycled silver, gold, and platinum, and use ALL natural, untreated gemstones and minerals that are mined in the United States. I strive to have a green business too...

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Studio Tour, part 1

I thought share some photos with you to show you some of my most essential tools and equipment for hand making jewelry in my studio.This is where I do my soldering. 

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