Every Little Bit Helps...Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!!! It is my priority to have Beryllina be as eco-friendly as can be. As you may know, I use ALL 100% certified recycled silver, gold, and platinum, and use ALL natural, untreated gemstones and minerals that are mined in the United States. I strive to have a green business too, so I do things like use 100% recycled soy-ink USA-made business cards and 100% recycled USA-made packaging material. What you may not know is that I also upcycle and reuse as much as possible around the studio (and at home) as well, because I think that every little bit helps when it comes to preserving the Earth and her precious resources. Check out my spinach-boxes-turned-polishing-buff-organizers!

Hope you had a happy Earth Day and will continue to do your part to make the planet a better place!

Laurie Lynn Berezin
Laurie Lynn Berezin


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